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Say “Yes” to Virginia the Day of Wedding Planner! You, the mother of the bride, have worked your butt off planning, emailing, phone calling, with mixed in panic attacks, disagreements with the bride to be, and maybe a sister or two. and then wondering how am I going to pull this all off and truly enjoy this special day?

Your answer is to call Virginia of VP-Consulting. Virginia beautifully choreographed, (and even kept the guys inline during the rehearsal,) and thus on the day of the wedding freed me to be in the moment, to cry, to laugh, and to love the whole emotional wedding day as she took care of all those schedules and details. Whew! Virginia was worth every penny and saved my sanity to boot! The entire day of the wedding was a fabulous experience. (written by the Mother of the Bride)


Precious moment between bride and flower girl.
Stylish wedding in black, white an grey.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Virginia. Throughout the whole process she was unbelievably accommodating, flexible, and proactive. We only hired her as a day-of coordinator, but honestly, she was invaluable with clever flower and decorating ideas, and advice around logistics - long before the day of! Virginia met with us, in person, two times before the wedding (not counting the intro meeting) and really helped us conceptualize and think through all the nitty gritty of the wedding - all that logistical stuff that's super important but not as much fun to plan. She even took my mom flower shopping, which my mom absolutely loved!

I really felt like if something popped up at the wedding that Virginia and her team would be able to handle it, which allowed me, my mom, and fiance to relax. Most importantly, I think, Virginia helped me feel like a guest at my own wedding. She is the best.


Normally people dont write reviews until after their wedding.... but I just had to! My wedding is in September and with all the purchases/ stress that come along with weddings and the buyers remorse ( Sure I'll buy that! Girl.... you shouldnt have bought that! hah) I can honestly say that hiring Virginia as a Day of Coordinator has been my best decision so far when it comes to Wedding Planning! If you are debating on whether to get a coordinator or if the money is worth it, the answer is YES 100 times over. Sure you might have a coordinator at your venue.... but they just care about the venue. Virginia is there to care about you and to make sure you/ your family get to enjoy the day without stress.

She is super responsive and flexible ( a Type A brides dream!). She is fun, spunky and I know that my wedding/ everything leading up to it is in good hands. So if you are looking for a wedding coordinator or a day of coordinator, look no further! Go with Virginia, you will NOT be disappointed! :D


A beatiful pastel bridal party.
Departing in a vintage car. We have the wedding connections

Virginia and her assistant, Diana, were super helpful throughout the entire process. They made not only our wedding day wonderful, but they also made the months leading up to the wedding a lot less stressful than they could have been. I took advantage of the floral service Virginia offered, meaning I purchased all my flowers through a wholesaler and made all the arrangements/bouquets for my wedding with the help of Virginia and a group of my girls - Virginia is very knowledgeable about the whole process and does a beautiful job with the bouquets and floral arrangements! Overall great experience and highly recommend Virginia to anyone looking for a coordinator! She knows what she's doing!


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