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It's Showtime!

Recently engaged and not sure where to start with wedding planning? Come out to the Eagle Bank Arena at George Mason University this Sunday, January 21, for Washington Wedding Experience - the largest bridal event in Northern Virginia. We'll be at the show, so please stop by and say hello. And to help you work through the maze of vendors, here are a few quick tips that will make your day productive.

1. Start the day out right - EAT! You might be saying, "But wait, I'm going to sample all sorts of goodies at the show." But most of the goodies you'll be eating will be high in sugar (think cake). A well balanced, light breakfast packed with protein, along with lots of water, will keep you from turning into Bridezilla.

2. Consult a Timeline. By using a planning timeline (just Google for a million samples), you can focus on who you need to meet at the show. For example, if you just got engaged you're probably on the hunt for a venue. Feel free to enjoy the cake and smell the flowers, but make venues your primary focus.

3. Do your homework. Most wedding expos will list participating vendors on their websites. Take a moment and get familiar with the vendors who will be participating and how they match up with your needs.

4. Use the floor plan. When you enter Washington Wedding Experience, you will be given a show program with a list of vendors and an exhibit floor plan. Remember those vendors you researched from the show's website? Take that list and mark those vendors on the floor plan. Your map will save you steps.

5. Make fashion show time count. During the fashion show most attendees are watching the models in the stage are, making the aisles of the venue less crowded, and vendors can give more 1 on 1 attention. If you don't have a dress, by all means enjoy the amazing fashion show. But if you've already checked the dress off your to-do list, you can use this time wisely by re-visiting vendors you met earlier. This is a great opportunity to have good conversations and set appointments.

6. Stash it! You are going to pick up a lot of material at the show. At the end, you will a bag full of collateral, you will be overwhelmed, and won't remember who you talked to out of the lot of brochures and cards in that bag.Some you will want to evaluate immediately, while some items will come later in the planning process. Be sure to have a special place in your bag where you can separate the information of the vendors that are your top priority - and put ours on top!

7. Your registration at the show entrance includes a sheet of raffle tickets. make sure you put your tickets in the prize boxes. You might get really lucky and win your wedding rings or a honeymoon. (I HAVE SEEN IT HAPPEN!! FOR REALS!!!) After all, who doesn't love free stuff!

8. And Finally! Once you see how much is involved in your big day, call a Coordinator to help you bring it all together. Stop by and See Us at the Show or Call anytime! VP Consulting Event Design Our Day-of- Coordination and Partial planning services can ensure that all your moving parts are executed perfectly while your money is spent efficiently. With our help, the wedding vision you have been holding in your heart since the proposal becomes a reality...

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