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And they danced the night away

As wedding professionals, we love what we do as well as the clients we serve. But on the big day, we're usually more focused on the details than the feelings, because that's what we're paid to do. But occasionally a wedding comes along where you stop and take a moment to feel the warmth in the room. The warmth of Monica Chew and Fan Yang's special night took the chill off a brisk March 24th wedding at Rose Hill Manor in Leesburg.

Monica made her "first look" in a gorgeous strapless white wedding gown. The expressions of joy on Monica and Fan's faces brought smiles to their bridal party crowded around the doorway - even the wedding pros stopped to enjoy the moment.

After first look, Monica changed into a red dress embellished with gold embroidery and a high/low hem for a traditional tea ceremony. Then with just minutes to spare, she changed back into her wedding gown for a walk down the aisle with her dad. A family friend provided beautiful ceremony music on a portable keyboard.

But Monica wasn't through with that stunning red dress. She and Fan made their grand entrance as

Mr. & Mrs. to a wonderfully choreographed first dance, complete with a lift to rival Dirty Dancing. Throughout the night the couple took to the dance floor in a room filled with candles and twinkle lights.

The evening offered an eclectic buffet of the couple's favorites including fajitas, fettuccine Alfredo, dumplings, and green bean casserole. Monica and Fan personalized their cake with a silhouette cutout of themselves and their beloved Labrador Retriever. Guests wrote personalized messages to the couple on Jenga puzzle pieces in lieu of a traditional guest book. Friends and family enjoyed posing with props in an open-sided photo booth located in a corner of the dining room. By using an open booth and locating it in the dining room, even the "shy guests" could watch, laugh and feel participation - great touch! Everyone had a fun time playing the Shoe Game with Monica and Fan and departed with engraved glass bottles filled with Skittles as favors.

But the best part of the night was the end. Instead of a typical departure, the couple ended the evening with a spontaneous last dance to "Closing Time" by Semisonic. As Monica & Fan began to dance, their family and friends surrounded them in a swaying circle of warmth and love. The photographer and videographers were in the right place at the right time and captured the memory. I just couldn't believe how this so flawlessly happened. It was the perfect, un-choreographed ending to a perfectly choreographed night.

Enjoy Monica & Fan's special day with this highlight video, courtesy of Movoly Productions.

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